Social Moral Spiritual & Cultural development (SMSC) at St Mary & St Pancras

Through our curriculum and everyday work, rest and play, we are committed to ensuring that our children develop well spiritually, morally, socially and culturally (SMSC). We do this through activities and explicit teaching that includes:

– providing children with opportunities to use their imagination and creativity in their learning
– enabling children to be reflective about their own beliefs and those of others so that they develop an interest in and respect for others
– ensuring that children recognise the difference between right and wrong and in doing so, understanding the consequences of their behaviour and actions
– showing an interest and playing an active part in artistic, sporting and cultural opportunities
– providing children with the tools to become increasingly socially skilled to mix with children and people from all faiths and backgrounds

These core SMSC principles are part of the values by which we live our lives in Modern day Britain and principles which we hope will help prepare our children to increasingly become successful 21st century citizens.

Click here to see the types of activities that are undertaken to promote SMSC and British Values at our school.