Our Units of Learning for the Spring Term are Science, History and Art. The children will be learning about toys. They will explore the history of toys and, how they have evolved over the years. The children will be understanding different types of animals bodies and their habitats. This has prompted an exciting trip to the Science Museum! The children will be inspired by the work of Andy Warhol and, they will have the opportunity to print and create are using mixed media. In English, the children will be focusing on extending their sentences, developing their skills, by writing a non-chronological report and, a formal letter.  In Mathematics, the children will have opportunities to explore Place Value up to 100, Addition and Subtraction, as well as height and weight. We are really encouraging the children to develop counting in twos, fives and tens. As always, Phonics is at the forefront of Reading and Writing in Year 1. Daily Phonics sessions and Reading Practice will continue to take place.