Safeguarding at St Mary & St Pancras

St Mary and St Pancras C of E Primary School operates a culture of vigilance where the safety of children is our ultimate priority-we are strongly committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children, families and staff. 

All staff take their safeguarding responsibilities very seriously and work together within clear guidelines and procedures. We pride ourselves on being a ‘listening school’; all staff are here to listen to children and adults who may need support. More than that, we are a ‘Take Care’ School- this means we work as a team to offer the highest standard of professional care and base our response to difficulties within the principles of ‘Trauma Informed Practice’, without compromising our expectations of children’s behaviour and conduct. The principles of Restorative Justice underpin our approach to promoting positive behaviour which contributes to a happy, safe school where children flourish,  develop their own moral compass and treat each other well, from the Nursery through to Year 6.

The school Designated Safeguarding Lead is Ms Belton, the Headteacher. The Deputy Head Teacher and SENDCo are also trained Safeguarding Leads.  The school also employs a trained Mentor from Kick London. There is always a trained safeguarding lead on the school site.

Schools have a legal duty to make every effort to keep children safe. We pride ourselves on working with families to ensure that they get the support that they need as early as possible.  This helps situations to be sorted out quickly and for families to receive the help that they need.

All  information is dealt with in a professional and confidential way. There will be no gossip at our school-we treat everyone with dignity in line with our school Vision and Values. We always want to keep continued good relationships with our families, even during difficult times.

Designated Safeguarding Lead

Ms Jules Belton
Head Teacher
Tel: 0207 387 6117

Deputy Safeguarding Leads

Ms Lucy Heard
Deputy Head Teacher
Tel: 0207 387 6117

Ms Annabel Tuckey
Tel: 0207 387 6117

Designated Safeguarding Governor

Nandini Ramakrishnan
Tel: 0207 387 6117

Local Authority Chief Designated Officer (LADO)

Sophie Kershaw
Tel: 0207 974 4556

Local Authority Deputy Designated Officer (LADO)

John Lawrence-Jones
Tel: 0207 974 4556