At St Mary and St Pancras CE Primary School, there is an active Parent-Teacher Fundraising (PTFA) to which all parents automatically belong.

The PTFA plays an important role in the school and aims to:

  • promote the role of the school as part of the wider community
  • reinforce the strong relationships between school and parents
  • raise funds to further enrich children’s opportunities at school.

The main focus of the PTFA is to raise money in an inclusive, fun and sociable way, to provide the school with extra funding to spend on equipment, resources and experiences that will enhance the children’s’ learning. All parents are automatically members of the PTFA when their child joins the school and we encourage all parents to be actively involved when they can.

The PTFA meets every October to elect a Chair, Secretary, Treasurer and Class Representatives. The PTFA usually meets once a month with the delegated member of the SLT but more often as an independent group leading up to main events, such as the Christmas Fair and Summer Fair.

Any funds raised are securely banked by the school and the PTFA consulted on appropriate expenditure.

Class Reps Terms of Reference (TORs)

In order for the PTA to run effectively there is a requirement for Class reps. to be established in each year group. They need to be the parent of a child in that year group and their responsibilities include:

  • Rallying support and volunteers for PTA organised activities from their nominated year group.
  • Actively promote the PTA among their nominated year group.
  • Collate and present fundraising ideas to the PTA from their nominated year group.
  • Attend, when possible, PTA meetings.
  • Consider views from staff, parents and children as to how PTFA funds should be spent

What is not in the PTA’s remit?

It is not the purpose of the PTA to raise or discuss individual pupil or parent concerns. Such matters should be raised through the appropriate channels following school guidelines.
The following all fall outside the remit of the PTA;

  • School management/ operational procedures
  • Curriculum or timetabling
  • Staff selection and appointment
  • School hours or holidays
  • Management of the budget

Join us

f you would like to find out more about what we do, become involved in the PTA, either as a member, volunteer at events or even as Chair, you’re welcome to come along to one of the PTA meetings (check the Newsletter or ask at the office for the next date).

It’s a great way to be part of school life!

What is the PTA?

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