Attention Year 2 parents and carers! P.E is changing to Tuesday mornings! We repeat, on Tuesday mornings, please come to school ready for PE!

This half term Year 2 will be sent on an exploration that will send a tingle of excitement down their spines as they journey on a breath-taking adventure to the magical land that lies east of the sun and west of the moon. Our English book, The Princess and the White Bear King is taking us to Scandinavian mountains where a combination of exquisite fairy tales will be told- we will learn “where there is no trust, there can be no love”. Our other story that will influence our young writers is Roald Dahl’s -The Twits, do excuse your child if any silly tricks are played at home, they will have simply been inspired by literature!

Year 2 will also be focusing on botany art which ties in wonderfully with their science unit of learning all about plants. Our budding (excuse the pun) artists will be studying Pierre-Joseph Redouté who gained international recognition as one of the most popular flower painters in the world. He was a celebrity and even had a private apartment in the Louvre! Later in the term, we will be looking at structures in D.T where will see if we can build igloos fit for Inuits. Geography will allow us to explore where Inuits live as we further develop our understanding of the continents and oceans…. Oh and apologies in advance if your children keep singing songs about oceans and continents- ear worms have officially entered the Year 2 classroom and we love them!

Music Tuesdays with Ms Pryce, we can’t wait.