This part of our website is designed to give our parents key information about the school.

At St Mary and St Pancras CE School, we value working in partnership with our parents, in line with our school Vision and Values, so that every child flourishes in their learning and personal development. We have strong relationships with parents and know our families well.

As well as inviting parents into school for performances, collective worship and singing assemblies, they are keen to volunteer to accompany our children on trips and to sporting events.

The school opens to parents every Tuesday mornings so that they can visit classrooms and speak to teachers and are always welcome to make appointments to talk to members of staff, in addition to parent / teacher meetings.

We are required to provide a link to the Schools Financial Benchmarking Service. Please access the website here:

In accordance with the latest guidance, governors confirm that there are no staff who earn in excess of £100,000 per annum.