At St and Mary St Pancras, we recognise that development of Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE) is  a significant part of children’s lives. Our creative curriculum allows children to achieve their goals and to embed our school values the into their personal growth.  PSHE is paramount in all areas of learning and is considered holistically here at our school. We want to ensure that our curriculum reflects the diverse community we support. The children are from a variety of backgrounds and we aim to provide opportunities for them to explore their own values and beliefs. We uphold high standards of behaviour and, respect for others throughout the life of the school.

Our curriculum empowers children to:

  •   Analyse and evaluate
  •   Show empathy
  •   Be independent
  •   Explore problems
  •   Use evidence to support opinions
  •    Recognise how they can impact their environment and community
  •    Recognise their roles as a global citizen·
  •    Work towards a goal & adapt as circumstances change
  •    Learn how to stay safe and make safe and healthy choices, both for their bodies and their minds.

RSE is taught in Year 5 and pertinent links are made with the safeguarding and computing Curriculum to reinforce personal and on-line safety.

Cooking and Nutrition Food Technology Progression

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