At St Mary and St Pancras, we recognise that mathematics plays a crucial role in our lives today.

A secure understanding of mathematical concepts will provide our children with the foundations that prepare them for success in life beyond Primary school. We aim for our children to apply their mathematical skills and knowledge confidently in a range of different contexts and to take enjoyment from solving mathematical problems.

Our Calculation Policy has been developed to ensure all children can access the curriculum and achieve confidence and competence – ‘mastery’ – in mathematics. We aim to ensure all pupils develop fluency, reasoning and problem solving.

Children are required to explore Maths in depth using mathematical vocabulary to reason and explain their workings. From EYFS to Year 6, a wide range of mathematical resources are used and pupils are taught to show their workings in a range of ways to evidence their understanding. They are taught to explain their choice of methods and develop their mathematical reasoning skills.

It is our belief that all children can succeed mathematically, and that one of our primary tasks as teachers is to find ways of presenting, scaffolding, and teaching concepts in such a way that everyone will achieve. We encourage our children to persevere and show resilience in the face of challenge.

Mathematics is taught daily for at least an hour. Within a lesson, questioning from both teachers and pupils stimulates valuable mathematical discussion leading to further learning. We incorporate sustained levels of challenge through varied, high-quality activities and investigations. These serve to widen children’s experience of applying their mathematical knowledge and skills in a broad range of contexts.

Please see the links below for more information including our: Calculation Policy for the teaching of the four operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division); our Impact, Implementation and Impact statements; termly overviews; and progression map.

Calculation Policy – St Mary and St Pancras Primary School


Mathematics Curriculum Map

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