At St Mary and St Pancras CE School, we see science as a subject in which children explore, discover and investigate the world around them.

Through our science curriculum, we aim to make our children’s experiences as broad and varied as possible. We are lucky enough to live in central London, where there are a world of scientific opportunities around us and we try to take advantage of them when we can. We want to develop skills such as investigation, observation ,hypothesis, prediction and interpretation. Wherever possible, we teach through practical work / scientific enquiry, and encourage our children to observe, investigate and question their world so that they themselves arrive at answers to those questions, and reflect on what they have learnt.

We aim to inspire:

Scientific curiosity: a sense of excitement and inquisitiveness about the world they live in

Scientific perspective: an experience of the big challenges that face the world and how we can make a difference in our local community

Scientific knowledge: an understanding of the big ideas in science

Scientific creativity: an enthusiasm to apply these ideas creatively to solve problems

We have a long-standing partnership with the Francis Crick Institute, who work with us to understand the integrity of the subject as well as how to work as scientists in the aspiration that our children will achieve highly in science at the next stage of their education, as well as choose science at further education. To this aim, we study female scientists from diverse backgrounds to challenge the stereotype many children ( and adults) hold.

Science Curriculum Map

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