Mathematics teaching at St Mary’s & St Pancras follows the National Curriculum framework.

Mathematics is taught on a daily basis for at least an hour. Skills and knowledge outlined in the National Curriculum are delivered through a variety of fun and interactive teaching and learning styles with progress, challenge and enjoyment being at the heart of what we do. Each lesson contains an element of problem solving: as well as providing challenge, this also presents opportunities for the pupils to see how mathematics is used in everyday life. Our Calculations Policy outlines the methods taught in each year group (with examples).

Download our calculations policy

What is Key Maths?

Key Maths is a series of take-home cards which are based on three areas of core mathematical number facts called the irreducible core: Times tables, Number bonds (facts) and Place Value. Click here to find out more.


The progression of Maths throughout the school.

Maths is broken down into 9 strands. Download the documents below to get an overview of what children are expected to learn in each of these every year.

Progression Map Place Value

Progression Map Addition and Subtraction

Progression Map Multiplication and Division

Progression Map Fractions

Progression Map Measurement

Progression Map Geometry properties of shapes

Progression Map Geometry posistion direction and movement

Progression Map Statistics

Progression Map Algebra