Happy World Book Day!

This week we celebrated the 25th anniversary of World Book Day. To celebrate, we began by writing a story about placing ourselves into the story of the character we had dressed up as.

Afterwards, we watched a quick video showing how books use to be made and we created our own books, in a very similar way, under the watchful eyes of both Mr. Burke and Ms. G, using a hammer and an awl. We then bound our books using a needle and a string.

In English, we started to look at adverts, and began to create our own looking for an engineer or mechanic to help us repair the Iron Giant.

In maths, we have been looking at Division and the importance of knowing our times tables and how the inverse can help us to calculate the answer.

In science, we have been investigating different rocks to see if they sink or float, and whether they were permeable, and are they hard or soft.

and finally in RE, we began our journey to learn and understand the Easter Story and what the concept of Salvation means.