Christopher Wren

Christopher Wren,

Always asking questions,

What, why and when?

Our children took on the role of Christopher Wren splendidly on our trip to Pudding Lane.

Not only did they exceed in quill drawing, they worked incredibly well in their groups building towers which were strong, beautiful and useful… three adjectives Christopher Wren believed firmly in when designing the buildings we still see around London today- one being St Paul’s Cathedral.

We loved acting in the narrow streets of London, putting the Great Fire out. It gave us all a sense of just how chaotic scenes must have been in 1666!

Dress up came at the end of the trip where many paraded around in wigs and headdresses of the time!

Quiz time: Ask your child what the bakery that burnt down (Thomas Fariner’s) used to bake- (biscuits for the King’s sailors!)

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