What the Ladybird Heard is an intriguing  children’s story written by Julia Donaldson. The  story revolves around a clever ladybird who overhears a dastardly plan hatched by two thieves on the farm. She gathers the animals and shares a plan on how to trick the thieves who had a map of the farm and protect the farm prized cow, named Daisy. Nursery children did many activities surrounding the main character of the book.  They designed ladybirds in different ways whether on the IWB or painting salt dough in the shape of a ladybird. We used different shapes to create the map of  the farm and counted ladybirds spots to match with numerals.On Friday for our cooking session, we are going to bake round biscuits which we’ll decorate with red icing and chocolate chip spots to make a ladybird.

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