As part of our Design and Technology curriculum, the children in Year 2 have been designing and making igloos. Some Inuit people still make igloos as shelter for short periods of time when travelling. The dome structure means it’s spacious inside and if built properly, should support the weight of an adult on top of it- we didn’t try this with ours.

The children used a modelling clay to make bricks. After studying some videos on how igloos are made, we did our best to replicate that. They built layer upon layer of blocks. It was tricky work but the end results are pleasing.

Ask your child for three facts about igloos. They should be able to tell you that the air in snow acts as an insulator to keep you warm. Fires and lamps can also go inside igloos to build up temperatures of 20 degrees Celsius. Igloos are made by Inuit people. Igloos are built in the Arctic and therefore unlikely a penguin would ever see one!

Try this at home with plasticine or playdough.

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