One seemingly normal, yet rather hot and stuffy Tuesday morning, some peculiar eggs turned up nestled amongst some hay-like material. Were they Phoenix eggs? Could they have been dangerous dragon eggs? How did they get here? We weren’t entirely sure. But one thing for sure was… Year 2 were here to investigate and gather clues.

Due to our rather exciting morning, we decided to create adventure stories relating to this magical find. Many of our Year 2s ventured off into magical worlds to save the day from potential fire breathing dragons. Their writing was fantastic and they felt hugely accomplished that they’d written a full adventure story.

This week in Year 2 we also considered the future… all things Year 3. We discussed our goals under a parachute and enjoyed listening to other children’s ambitions. Neater handwriting, better focus, to work extra hard on homework, were some of the goals they came up with. Hold your horses though Year 2… Key stage 2 isn’t ready for you just yet!

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