Today, Reception traveled to Kings Cross St Pancras Station and hopped on the Piccadilly line… our destination, the Science Museum! At the Science Museum, we had two things booked, the first of which was ‘Destination Space’. This workshop explored aspects of living and working in space. The children had to observe, describe, test and select materials and equipment to help with space travel and to help with living in space.

Afterwards, we had our packed lunches and then later on in the day we visited ‘the garden’, an interactive, exciting space where children can discover science through play. The garden is a lovely space for 4-6-year-olds and I recommend that you try and visit, there is so much there for the children to see, discover and enjoy, including building blocks, water play, sensory rooms, musical instruments and other interactives.

Once again we were blown away by the children’s behaviour on today’s trip, they really are a remarkable bunch! It’s fair to say that they will all be very tired tonight though.

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