What a week it’s been in Year 2!


We had an incredible visit from Caryl Hart the author!

She entertained us from the get go with her incredibly fitting weather outfit and introduced us to her book Meet the Weather!

She took us on a journey in a hot air balloon as we explored her fantastic book. We even got our own copy given to us. Thank you Caryl!!

The children were so inspired, they even wrote letters to Ms Heard, our Deputy Head who is in charge of reading, to persuade her to purchase more of Caryl Hart’s books for our library. I was convinced! Will Miss Heard be?

Featured writing: Maliha and Eldion


This week we also all became W.F.As (World Friendship Ambassadors)

We had a very informative and theatrical workshop which informed us how to be defenders of poor behaviour.

We know bullying is: “Repetitive, Intentional, and an Imbalance of Power”

Here’s to friendship!

Here’s to reading!

Here’s to Year 2!

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