Smriti Halls came to visit us!!

We love her books especially Dinos Don’t Give Up, but seeing her in person and reading her very own book The Very Best Hug was exceptionally special and memorable.

We considered who gives us the best hugs and sang along to her song whilst feeling very loved and cared for!

And, as if that wasn’t enough… every child received a brand new book of hers to take home and keep. Enjoy.


Year 2 have been learning about another significant nurse in British history- Edith Cavell.

Edith worked in Belgium during WW1 to help soldiers from both sides to get better.

Our Year 2s learnt how brave she was to put herself in that situation. Her Red Cross status meant she was neutral when it came to which side of the war she was on and to whom she would help.

In small groups we read and rehearsed a play which outlined her role as a nurse in WW1 and we discovered her unfortunate death.

This lesson lead to much debate about war and conflict and human rights. The Year 2’s mature approach was seriously impressive.

Six Year 2s also performed in assembly and their bravery and confidence was all too fitting. Well done.


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