Happy New Year

Welcome back to Spring Term.

Happy New Year to all, we hope you had a lovely time over the festive period.

This week, we return to school with a bundle of new and exciting topics to learn about.

In Maths, the children started to learn about length.  In a fun experiment, they made 3 different sizes of paper areoplanes and tried to predict the distance they could travel in centimeters. We continued the week, experimenting trying to find objects that we could measure more preciously using mm, cm and m.

In English, we started a new book called Gregory Cool, we started off writing down predictions based off of 2 images from the book, one being the cover. Moving on from this we read the book as a whole and started to ask questions about why the book was set out the way it was, and finished writing a book review and fact finding about Tobago, where the book is set.

In Topic, we started an exciting new Topic on the Rainforests. We learnt about what a rainforest in and where about they are located in the world.

In Science, we started to learn about what plants need to grow and how they are made.

Further updates:

Year 3 will now have P.E. on a Monday afternoon. Please ensure your child comes to school dressed in the correct school uniform and has their PE kit in their bag.