The Year 2 children played a Maths game called Totality today:


The aim of the game:

Slide the shared counter across several adjacent numbers, adding them up as you go to make a ‘running’ total. Be the player to make the final slide so that the chosen target is reached exactly. Making the total go above the target loses you the game.


How to play:

Player 1 chooses a target to reach. This is the total both players try to make.2. Player 2 places their counter on the game board over one of the numbers and says that number.

Player 1 moves the same counter in any direction along a line segment to a neighbouring number and announces the total of the two numbers.

Player 2 moves the same counter to cover a neighbouring number, adds on that number, and announces the ‘running’ total of the three numbers.

Players take turns sliding the counter to cover a neighbouring number and add that number to the ‘running’ total.

Players must move when it is their turn.

No ‘jumping’ is allowed.


You can also click the link below to find out more information:


Plenty of pictures of the children enjoying the game here too: