Hi Year One,

Here are your home learning lessons for Week 5.

This week the teachers will not be making their daily phone calls. I will call again week beginning the 25th May. Have a wonderful week and I look forward to hearing about all the things you get up to!

If you’re interested in cars make sure you have a look at Friday’s design and technology lesson! I’m sure it will be lots of fun and there will be many amazing designs!

Have fun and keep sending in those wonderful pictures, I love seeing all your hard work!

Miss Galvin 🙂

Click here for this week’s Music lesson


English Lesson – Monday 18 May
Maths Lesson – Monday 18 May
Religion Lesson – Monday 18 May



English Lesson – Tuesday 19 May
Maths Lesson – Tuesday 19 May
Science Lesson – Tuesday 19 May



English Lesson – Wednesday 20 May
Maths Lesson – Wednesday 20 May
Geography Lesson – Wednesday 20 May



English Lesson – Thursday 21 May
Maths Lesson – Thursday 21 May
Health Lesson – Thursday 21 May



English Lesson – Friday 22 May
Maths Lesson – Friday 22 May
Design and Technology Lesson – Friday 22 May