Safeguarding at St Mary & St Pancras

St Mary and St Pancras C of E Primary School operates a culture of vigilance where the safety of children is our ultimate priority. All staff take their safeguarding responsibilities very seriously and work together within clear guidelines and procedures.

School has a legal duty to make every effort to keep children safe. If school staff have a worry or we are told information which should be passed on we have a legal duty to tell social services.

Schools report

Socials services investigate

If we have a concern about a child we will usually try to tell the parent before contacting social services. In some situations though we will not be able to do so.

When parents receive a call from the school or social services we understand that it can be a very emotional time. Parents should try not to panic but work together with the different agencies. This helps situations to be sorted out quickly and for families to receive the help that they need.

Staff are only told about referrals on a “need to know” basis so information is dealt with in a professional and confidential way. There will be no gossip.

We always want to keep continued good relationships, even during difficult times.

Designated Safeguarding Lead

Ms Jules Belton: Head Teacher

0207 387 6117

Deputy Safeguarding Leads

Ms Lucy Heard: Deputy Head Teacher

0207 387 6117

Ms Lesley Carneiro: Assistant Head Teacher and SENDCo

0207 387 6117

Designated Safeguarding Governor

Revd Anne Stevens

0207 387 6117

Local Authority Designated Governor ( LADO)

Bodil Mlynarska

0207 974 6999