This week at STMP we celebrated Poetry. This means that each of the classes had a poem to read, share and perform. Children were then challenged to alter it or create their own. In Year 2 we have been exploring the poem ‘Didgeridoo’ by Roger McGough.

You can click the link below to watch the author reading through the poem.

When first introducing Poetry Week, children were tasked with reading, sharing and performing a poem of their choice. This was a great way to introduce ‘Didgeridoo’ as lots of the children said it was their favourite of the options given!

The children had 20 minutes to read through and rehearse their poem before the performances began. It was a great opportunity to discuss sharing, taking turns, assigning roles, the importance of performances etc etc etc. It also allowed us to think really carefully about which children may be suited to a more central role in our upcoming Shakespeare Project performance.

There are pictures of some of the groups below.