This week in English, year 3 have begun to write their very own newspaper articles, detailing the events of Mount Vesuvius erupting in 79AD and using the characters in the book as an eyewitness.

In maths, we have been looking at different types of tables and graphs, such as bar charts and pictograms and how we can extract information we need from them to help build statistics.

This week in Science we learned about seed dispersal and the way plants spread their seeds to ensure new plants can grow. Seeds can be dispersed in different ways including by wind and on animals. We made “spinning seeds” from paper and observed  how they rotated and moved when we dropped them. We found they travelled  much further outside!




Dispersal, Seed, Buddha, Lotus, Flower, Increase, Often, Perhaps, Remember, Strange


Matheletics: This has not been happening.

You have been set tasks on Mathletics that will help you recap the work that we have covered so far this half-term.

The expectation is that you use Mathletics at least 2 times, for at least 30 minutes each time.


Times tables:

This week, please revised the 4 times table at home.



To write a story using only the past tense.

Write a story on an adventure that you went on over the weekend.

Remember that all tenses should be in the past tense because they have already happened.

Try and use a fronted adverbial, time connective and personification.


Personification – giving an object an animal or human actions.


Vesuvius roared as the top blew off.

The leaves dances as the moved in the wind.