This week has been a very exciting week for us in year 3.

On Monday and Friday, we were able to spend time with the Royal Academy of Music. They came into school to teach us how to play music and write a song that relates to our current topic of the Rainforests.

On Tuesday, we also have the CRICK institute come in to see us and give us a lesson about the human skeleton. We were able to look at fossils, tools and x-rays of animals and humans. As well as do experiments of our own, such as predicting the outcome “Does having the longest femur (thigh bone) mean we can jump further?”

In English, we created leaflets to education people on how best to save the rainforests from deforestation building on from last week’s persuasive language lessons.

In RE, we are have been looking at the Seder meal of the Jewish people and the important in plays in the role of Passover.