(This recount of our trip was written by a child in Year 2.)

On Monday 22nd May Year 2 visited the Florence Nightingale Museum. Firstly, we got on the Northern Line train to Waterloo. When we were on the train we heard really loud noises like the train scraping against the wall and everyone on board talking. The noises were SO ANNOYING! After, we got off the train and walked to the museum. On the way, we had lunch in Jubilee Gardens. I had chocolate cake, 4 quarter pieces of sandwich and a huge drink of water. After that, we had a class photo behind the London Eye. After, we done that we walked past St Thomas’ Hospital. We saw the Mary Seacole statue and had another class photo! Then, when we got to the Florence Nightingale Museum…. SUDDENLY another school was running late! In the meantime, we ate some more lunch or had a chat. Eventually, we went into the museum! First Florence told her story… it took a long time!!! Then the class dressed up… EVERYONE LOOKED AMAZING! There was photos of soldiers, chefs, doctors and Florence. Then I saw Celine and Aidan all dressed up. Celine was dressed up as a nurse from the past and Aidan was dressed up in the present. After, we had another class photo and then finally we went home.

Photos below!


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