Year 2 has been working on a Paper Mache model of Mt Everest this week.

First, the children had to cover a styrofoam base with paper mache. Once this dried the children then painted their models grey.

The next step will be painting the summit white and finally, we will be attaching some figurines to show people climbing the world’s tallest mountain.

The children have loved their Geography learning this year and learning about Mt Everest was no exception. I am constantly impressed by their geography skills including:

  • Listing of all of the countries of the U.K and their capital cities
  • Listing the 7 continents and 5 oceans
  • Recognising a wealth of countries on a world map and even listing countries when asked challenging questions such as -‘Name one country beginning with P’
  • Recognising lots of flags from around the world
  • Navigating and using Google Maps to learn more about the world

Pictures of our very messy project below: