This week in year 3, we have working hard to complete our maths, writing and reading assessments.

In English and Topic this week, we had  big focus on writing a non-chronological report based on Boudicca, who was a British warrior that fought against the Roman invasion over Britain in 60 AD.

In Maths, we have been looking at adding together money and in science, we experimented with magnets, find objects that repel and attract. We were surprised to find that many objects that were magnetic did not have a north and south pole like our magnets but instead attracted the whole magnet.




  1. arrive
  2. grammar
  3. possible
  4. circle
  5. island
  6. separate
  7. enough
  8. occasion
  9. various
  10. breathe
  11. heard
  12. Promise


Times Tables

These will be tested on Friday.  This week, please revised the 7 times table at home.

Mathletics:  TimesTablesBaseline Times tables homework.

The expectation is that you use Mathletics at least 2 times, for at least 30 minutes each time.

Topic / Writing:

In Topic next week, we have been learning about Boudicca and her rebellion against the Roman army, here in Britain in 60AD

This week, I would like for you to create a story of Boudicca when she was a young girl growing up.

What was life like for her when she was 10?

Did she enjoy herself? Did she have any friends?

Has she always been brave and independent and wanting to fight for what is right for her?

This story will come before she was made Queen of the Iceni, before she married Prasutagus.