Year 4’s week of compassion

This week we started our new text in English- an anthology by Joseph Coelho. We explored his poem ‘I am a writer’, and created our own poems inspired by his metaphor and imagery.

In RE, we looked at the structure of a family in Hinduism. We learned about the roles of each family member, and reflected on our own family structures. We created pieces of art to represent our family being a whole unit, like a tree with a strong root that grows. Each member of the family is a branch that has their own personality and role.

We began learning about our brand new school value- ‘Compassion’, which is when you show love through your actions. Reverend Williams and Reverend Ann came in to talk to us about compassion, and then we looked at the bible story of Jesus healing the blind beggar. We saw that we can show compassion when we act upon the need to help others.

We were also treated to a lovely puppet show produced and performed by one of the members of the class! Lucky us.