Year 4’s trip to the zoo!

Please find a copy of the homework for this week here:

Year 4 Spring 2 Week 4 homework

Another week of great learning in year 4!

In maths this week, we looked at the concept of area. We started off by measuring the area of things in our classroom, such as the area of the top of our maths books! we measured the area using post-it notes as our unit of measurement! We’ve learned and understood that to work out area, we must multiply the length of a shape by the height of the shape.

In topic, we have been learning about volcanoes. This week we looked at how tectonic plates create volcanoes by examining the infamous ‘Ring of fire’ loop of volcanoes around the Pacific Ocean.
We had a debate to consider and empathise with the lives of people who live near volcanoes. We debated why people still might live near a volcano even though it could be dangerous, such as the one in Tonga.

We also went on a school trip to the world famous London Zoo! We learned about deforestation, the fur trade and lots more. One of our highlights was playing with the sweet penguins as they followed our fingers across the glass.