Year 4’s sounds of spring


Year 4 has been learning about equivalent fractions, decimal points and place value this week.

We have learnt so much about maths and got 7th place out of 17 on a big maths competition. It’s not just any competition it’s the the spring slam competition with all the schools in Camden!

In English we have been reading a book called, ‘The Miraculous journey of Edward Tulane’.

It is a very fascinating book that we have been reading for nearly a month now. Edward has 5 names since the start of this brilliant, extraordinary book for the 4s. He has Edward but that is obvious, Susana, Malone, Clyde and Jangles. You must get it now about the name,”The miraculous journey of Edward Tulane and all of Edwards names.

Our class, year 4 have been studying about sounds for the past few weeks in science. We have been focusing on the ear this week and found out that some sound waves hit your eardrum which connects to your incus which connects to your malleus that connects to your cochlea. Your cochlea connects to your auditory nerve then it sends signals to your brain.

In R.E we have been learning about the Holy Communion and its passions.

The Holy Communion is when you go to Church then eat blessed bread which represents Jesus’s body. Then you drink some wine which represents Jesus’s blood. To start a Holy Communion, you do a greeting then the Priest says that the peace and the lord be always with you, then the Communion says, “and also with you.” Next, you make a confession to God, saying all the bad things you’ve done. Thirdly, you sing some songs that are related to worshipping God. Next is listening to the words of God said by the Priest in the bible. Then, you start to pray about God. After that, you stay silent to also respect God. Also, you do a bit of a blessing then finally, you do your Holy Communion.



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