Year 4’s Day in the life of a Victorian School Child

This week year 4 experienced a day in the life of a Victorian child. We followed the strict, regimented Victorian school day starting off with hand inspections, and learning the new class rules. Girls and boys sat separately, although as we have learned, girls would not be in a typical Victorian classroom. We studied the three ‘R’s’ – Reading, wRiting and aRithmetic, and learned how to write in cursive. At first we practised on slates, however we also tried writing with ink pens which we found very tricky! Thank God for pencils and pens! We learned some classic Victorian poetry by heart and recited them to our class mates. We even played Victorian style games at break time, including hoop chase and hopscotch.

What a lovely end to our first half term in year 4! Please remember to do your extra maths homework as this is really important this year. The link to the MTC practice game is:

See you back in school on Tuesday 2nd of November!