Y4’s journey with a pebble

It’s been lovely to be back together at school this week. It’s been nice to share stories from our Christmas holidays, and now we have got straight back into some exciting learning.

This week we have started our new topic, Hinduism. We have learned about the Brahman and the way that God is represented in Hinduism.

In English we have started our new book, ‘The pebble in my pocket’. We spent some time examining some pebbles, noticing their features and intricacies. Then we wrote descriptive paragraphs about our discoveries and came with questions about the origins of the pebble. Where did it come from? What was it doing in London? How was it made? We are going to find out as we continue reading our class text.


In music we studied two classical composers, and looked at how we felt at various parts of their most famous compositions. We drew line graphs to represent our moods over the course of the song. Have a look below.


A polite reminder that PE is on Tuesday afternoons.

Here is your homework for the week. Year 4 Spring 1 Week 1 homework