Y4’s creative creatures and their mini habitats

This week in year 4, we have been learning how to create beautiful and informative PowerPoint presentations. Our presentations are all about ‘Skara Brae’- a well preserved Stone Age settlement in Orkney Islands. We learned how to add text, paragraphs and new pages to our presentation. We have also learned how to format the background and font to suit the tone and purpose of the PowerPoint.

In Science this week we have been working on creating our very own mini-habitat for a creature from our imagination. Firstly we designed the creature, and thought about where it would live. Then we planned and created it’s habitat by up-cycling shoe boxes and decorating it with different mediums such as paint, piper cleaners and cellophane, plus much more! Take a look at our creations below.

Here is your weekly homework: Year 4 Spring 2 Week 5 homework

Please remember to wear your PE kit to school on Monday and Thursday and bring your uniform in a bag.

We will be having ‘Jubilee Day’ on Thursday 26th May, so please come in dressed as a King or Queen from any culture or story, or dressed in the colours of the Union Jack flag, which is red, white or blue.