Y4 Have Spotted A Rare Cat

We have spotted a rare cat in our school so we made news articles to inform everyone about it. We published it on laptops so that it looks more fancy. The cat is the rare Mesopotamian Blue and we are reading Varjak Paw who is also a Mesopotamian Blue. We have only sighted it, not found it so we just want to tell everyone that if they FOUND it, contact the RSPCA.

As we come closer to Valentine’s day, we cut and made hearts, hearts for what we enjoy. It is anonymous so guess which goes to each child. We made it as hearts so you can see who we love and what we love!

In maths we did some more fractions and sadly we have to say goodbye to it. We also had a test to see if we know our fractions because we learnt it for such a long time! We practised what is a fraction, how to make equivalent fractions and how to add fractions. For the last thing we did for fractions was play a game about them.