Y4 are now Angle Angels!

This week Year 4 have been doing a lot of learning in maths, English and R.E and our favourite, topic.

In maths this week we have been learning  about different triangles like the scalene triangle, the equilateral triangle and lastly the isosceles triangle. We have also learned about the different types of angles, from acute all the way up to a straight line, which has an angle of 180 degrees.

We have been having some cricket coaching every Thursday, which has been great! This week we worked on our bowling skills, learning how to keep our elbows straight to have a powerful bowl.  Somers Town Community Centre are running free cricket sessions for our students, on Tuesday evenings 5.00pm-6.00pm  which is open to any student in our class. The address is  131 Chalton Street, NW1 1RX. Read this flyer to see more Somers Town Steamers Hub Flyer Summer 2022

Please complete the consent form and take it with you. Platform Registration Form 2021

In topic we have been learning about the Marvellous Stone age and all of their tools. We had the amazing  opportunity to get our hands onto some artefacts from prehistory. They were hidden under boxes, and then we had to guess what they were from how they felt and from what we already know about the Stone Age. We explored the uses of the tools and learned how they helped pre-humans.

Note: The MTC test will take place on June 13th 2022. Please practise as much as you can! The link is below.

MTC game:

Your homework for the week: Year 4 Summer 1 Week 4 homework

Wordle for our spellings: