What’s the time Mr Wolf? Maths Day o’clock!

The whole school took part in a cross curricular Maths day today, learning all about Time. The day began with a whole school assembly at 9.15am, where we discussed what would happen if we had no more clocks or watches! Then, from EYFS up to Y6, the children were involved in activities linked to reading the time and understanding the concept of time.

Here are some of the tasks completed by the children: designing their own perfect day timetable, making Big Ben clocks, timing how many jumps they could complete in a minute, time travelling to the Victorian era, composing songs for the order of months in the year and many more.

Ask your child to explain their learning and share some of the activities of the day. Over the half term please encourage your child to practise reading the clock at home, so that they are really confident with telling the time when they come back to school.