Week 2 in Year 4

This week year 4 have settled back really well into the school day. We have begun reading and working with our new text for this half term, ‘Hetty Feather’, making the most of the sun, we even got a chance to spend some time reading in the garden!

In religious education, our big question for this term is  ‘How did belief in God affect the actions of people from the Old Testament?’. We looked at what it means to have faith in something or someone and examined the story of Abraham being called on by God. We did some role play to think deeply about how Abraham, Sarai and Lot felt as they made their journey.

We’ve been working really hard on our 6,7 and 9 times table this week, and we are going to begin our speed tests as part of our weekly homework.


A polite reminder: Homework is due on Wednesday 15th of September.

Homework tasks this week-

English– Read for at least 15 minutes per day, and for 5 minutes with an adult if you can.

Maths– Mathletics activities, and a 10-minute speed test.

Topic– Create a toy for a Victorian child.

Spellings–  (These will be tested on Wednesday)

1. inactive

2. incorrect

3. inaccurate

4. insecure

5. indefinite

6. incomplete

7. infinite

8. inedible

9. inability

10. indecisive