We love Space!

In Reception we are loving learning all about Space! Me and Dita have been so impressed with the children’s knowledge about our solar system – they have even been teaching us!

Here are some of our most impressive facts:

Jahsiah – ‘Astronauts where helmets because there is no gravity on the moon and there is no air so they can breathe.’

Malakai – ‘Craters on the moon are from rocks hitting it.’

John – ‘Pluto was my favourite planet but then I found out its not even a planet anymore because they found moons that are bigger’.

Eda – ‘Neil Armstrong was the first man on the moon.’

Georgia – ‘The moon is made of rock not cheese.’

Adnan – ‘My favourite fact about space is that the sun is a star.’

Zak – ‘I like Mars because its so hot there’.