War poetry

This week we have been looking at poetry in Year 5. We discovered that in our book, The Boy at the Back of the Class, the main character Ahmet is a refugee who has been forced to leave his home.

We have studied two poems, Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red, a poem from World War I, and Lament for Syria, a poem by a 13 year old Syrian girl named Amineh Abour Kerech.

Here are some of the observations the children made of the poems:

Lament for Syria

Teddy – ‘I think the young girl wants peace and happiness in her country, Syria. Amineh wants to return to her home in Syria. She can hear the birds crying and they are crying to her.’ She tires to imagine Syria peaceful and joyfiul. She wants the war to end.

Tianna – ‘The poem says soldiers “walk over her face”. I think it might mean soldiers won’t boss her around.’

Safia – ‘She wants to build a “perfect homeland” where it’s peaceful with freedom. It shows Amineh misses Syria. In the poem she says she will not write a poem for anyone else.

Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red

Ciana – ‘In the poem it said, “to sleep with the flowers of red,” that means should they die now, it’s time to go and sleep with God.

Yusupha – ‘Every year we all wear poppies to remember every single person in the war and we still thank them now.’








Here is a beautiful retelling of the poem Lament for Syria that you can watch.