Trip to the Royal Institute of British Architects

On Wednesday, year 4 visited the Royal Institute of British Architects.  After a walk that “made our legs feel like they were going to fall off,” we got to participate in some very fun workshop activities.  We visited the exhibit called Creation from Catastrophe where we learned about how the Great Fire of London and the Chicago Fire destroyed their communities as well as how London and Chicago were planned for and rebuilt after the disasters.  We got to test our drawing skills on the Brushes app on iPads.  We made wire people and we built structures for withstanding different natural disasters like floods and earthquakes.  We learned that architects need to think not only about who they are designing for but also where and what they’re designing.  For example, if a place has many floods, we might want to design a home on stilts so that there is no damage inside the home.  The trip was very fun and what we learned will help us with the special project that we are working on in class.