To Infinity And Beyond!

Nursery has been learning all about space for the past three weeks – We’ve loved investigating the rockets, the moon, planets, astronauts and aliens.

Some of the things the children have learnt so far include:
One thing I know about space is that rockets have fire coming out of them when they blast off – Amelia
Space rockets go to the moon – Sienna
Earth is close to the sun and so is Mercury and Venus – Cameron
I like Mars. Mars is the best. Mars is red. Earth, Venus, Mercury and Mars are close to the Sun – Eva
I want to go to the sun but I can’t because it’s too hot – Ivy
I want to go to Jupiter and the moon – Aisha
Baby Bear goes to the moon with a cardboard rocket. Neil Armstrong was the first person to walk on the moon – Mirza
I learnt about the Sun. The sun is very big and hot and we would die. – Ameerah
I like Earth because Earth is where we live – Maggie
The moon has lots of holes – Matilda
I learnt about Jupiter. I’m going to go to Jupiter with my whole family – Maddie
I learnt about space suits, space gloves, space helmet and space boots. – Inaya
Sun. Moon. Earth – Ayaan
Aliens love underpants – Scarlett
Saturn is the biggest planet in our solar system. It was rings made of dust – Amara
You can’t go to the sun because you’d die – Umar
I like Mercury – Maria

Underneath are plenty of photos of all our learning so far!