The farm

This week in Reception we have been learning about the farm. We have learnt about the animals that live on the farm and the children have enjoyed creating their own farm animal information books. This week we have also looked at the special people that work on farms as well and we have watched videos to learn about the very important and special jobs that these people do e.g. milking cows, collecting eggs from the chickens and shearing sheep as well. The children even had the opportunity to milk their own school cow which they have absolutely loved! In our maths learning this week this week we have explored subtraction and the children have really enjoyed using different mathematical materials to solve different number sentences.

This week we have also talked about the importance of hand washing and keeping our hands clean to protect us from germs and had lots of fun cleaning germs off of our very dirty hands. Amy also did a lovely science experiment with the children using pepper, water and soap to show that if you use hand wash to clean your hands, the pepper will move away from them. Here were some of the children’s comments.

Scarlett said, “You have to wash your hands before you eat.”

Teigan said, “Germs will stay on our hands if we don’t wash them.”

Oliver said, “We have to wash our hands after we have been to the toilet.”

Eva said, “Germs will make us sick.”

Thank you for another wonderful week!