Science experiment – Raisins with wings

In our Science lesson this week, we designed experiments to test how different amounts of bicarbonate of soda react with an acid.

Firstly, we mixed together lemon juice and bicarbonate of soda. We discovered that the two substances reacted, giving off bubbles. To see the bubbles in action we put raisons into the liquid and watched them rise and fall. After discussion, we worked out that the raisins rose because of the air bubbles acting like arm bands and causing the raison to float. Then the bubbles would pop and the raison would fall back down. The more bubbles there were, the more this happened.

In designing our experiments, we decided on our variables and what we would change, ensuring we had fair tests, and conducted the experiment with the different amounts of bicarbonate of soda. We used vinegar instead of lemon juice learning that because it is an acid, it will also react with the bicarbonate of soda. To measure the reaction, we counted how many times the raisins went up within a specific amount of time (decided by the group).

The class worked brilliantly in groups to complete their experiments and next week, we will write up what our results show us and what conclusions we can draw.