Roman Music

Year 3 have had an exciting couple of weeks. We have been diving deeper into the world of the Romans. This time looking at the type of music they might of listened to and how they played music going into battle. We listened to the ‘The Battle’ Score from Gladiator and tried to recreate the sounds ourselves.

In Maths and English, we have been looking at capacity and volume and how we measure liquid using litres and millilitres. In English, we have continued reading ‘The Lost Happy Endings’ we have been working on building description into fairytales, writing unhappy endings to commonly known fairy tales.



Read for 15minutes every night, this includes sharing a story with an adult or family member.


crinkly sparkly frantically dramatically mentally

normally basically publicly truly wholly



Times Tables

These will be tested on Friday.

This week, please revised the 7 times table at home.


You have been set tasks on Mathletics that will help you recap the work that we have covered so far this half-term.

The expectation is that you use Mathletics at least 2 times, for at least 30 minutes each time.


Highest Mathletics score at the end of the month will get 1 extra golden time that week.



It is time to get reflective!

You have almost come to the end of Year 3.

This week I would like you to reflect on 3 things.

1.     What you have learnt this year.

2.    What you feel as though you have improved on and are better at.

3.    What 3 targets you should have for next year.