Planting new seeds.

In English, we have been writing and performing our small scripts, taking on constructive feedback from our classmates to help us evaluate what we achieve and how we could improve next time. We have also been writing letters and diary entries in the form of both Hannah and her father.

In Maths, we have been converting, adding and subtracting mass. As well as learning about turns, angles and working on description of shapes.

In Science, we are learning about how plants grow and what we need to do to grow healthy plants.  This week we experimented using different materials to sow mustard seeds.

We came up with some interesting questions to investigate such as:

“Do plants grow in materials other than soil?”(Sinit)

“Will seeds grow on paper towels?” (Georgia)

“Can plants grow on top of rocks?” (Ali)

Here are some of our predictions:

“ I predict the seeds in the sand won’t grow because only cactus grow in sand” (Ishaaq)

“I Predict seeds will grow in sand because there are hidden nutrients in sand” (Adnan)

“The plants will grow in compost because it is like mud and plants grow in mud, but they need water” (Ellie)