P4C in Reception

The children in Reception had a great P4C session today. Our stimulus this week was a picture of a bird in a cage. We started with the children making their “I see…I think…I wonder…” statements and we moved on to the children creating their own ‘why?’ questions about the image. The children voted on their favourite question, which we will discuss in our next P4C session.The children came up with some great comments and remembered to speak in full sentences too.

“I see a parrot in a cage.” Naomi

“I think the parrot has a Mummy and a Daddy because it’s a baby.” Yusra

“I think the bird wants to get out the cage because it has no food.” Aron

“I think that bird is trapped.” Emilia

“I wonder if the bird is feeling lonely.” Aqeelah

“I wonder if someone put him in the cage or if he went in by himself.” Sara

“I wonder if the bird wants to play.” Valentina