Our new Texture Kitchen!

Nursery have loved using their new texture kitchen the past couple of weeks.
The children have been able to explore lots of mathematical concepts including capacity, weight and length and developed their communication and language skills. They have worked on their motor skills using different equipment to move the materials. The children have also had to learn to take their shoes off and put wellies on independently.


They have been very creative with their recipes and have experimented mixing different textures together!


‘It’s too heavy Emma.. it wouldn’t lift!” Varin

‘It’s icecream its got crunchy hard stones in it.. don’t eat it though it’s pretend!’ Gospel

‘I putting water in too then it pours really easy’ Kimberley

‘I filled all the icecream bits up… I’m putting the rest in here for later’ Sophia

‘You got to heat it up on the cooker’ Luke