Mystery Eggs!

Today Year 1 were outside completing an investigation. We were looking for bugs and insects to discover where they live as a part of our science learning. When suddenly we discovered two mystery eggs!!

The children were very excited to find these eggs and were full of wonderings. After contacting a local ranger we got permission to keep them safe in the classroom. The children are very excited to see what will happen to our eggs.

This experience will guide our learning for the next few weeks as we discover more about the needs of living things.

Keep an eye out to see what will happen next!


Below are some of the children’s wonder questions…

Malakai – I wonder how did the eggs get there?

Eda – I wonder why there are holes in the bottom. I wonder if it would crack?

Poppy – I wonder if it was in a nest and it was windy and they fell out of the tree and maybe it cracked?

Kimia – I wonder if they have names?

Zak – I wonder if they will hatch? I wonder if they will be safe in the classroom?

Ivoree- I wonder if they belong to an eagle?

Amaan – I wonder if it is ducks baby?

Esme – I wonder when are they are going to hatch? Do they have a mother? I wonder if they are lost?

Keyaan – I wonder how they got on the ground?

Ali – I wonder if the wind blew them out of a tree?

Ellie – I wonder if they are boys or girls inside the egg?

We will answer all these wondering questions together as a class in the coming weeks.