Mock Court 1

On Monday this week, Years 5 and 6 took part in their first interactive Mock Court session. As school trips are currently a bit more tricky than usual, we have decided to take part in a virtual court case. The case centres around an insurance claim and a team of defenders, trying to ensure the money is not paid out, and another team of pursuers, aiming to get to get the insurance company to pay.


In our first session, we spoke to Sheriff Alistair Duff, a Judge from Scotland. He discussed different aspects of court cases, how one behaves during a case and the different roles of people in the court. He was a very insightful and interesting man, who offered plenty of wisdom to the children. Then we heard from a police officer told us about the different aspects of his job and how an arrest can lead on to a court case.


Our next step is to write the ‘Initial Writ’ after an online session with a tutor in which we set out our opinion on the case in hand!